8 Freedom Based Movies That Replenish The Feeling Of Independence In You


As India’s Independence day looms around the corner, here is our recommendation of 8 great movies that spark the spirit of independence and freedom.

8) Enemy at the Gates

While the fate of the world was being decided at ‘Stalingrad’ two Snipers battled to outsmart each other on the face of carnage and destruction. Enemy at Gates captures the do or die  moments of the ‘Great Patriotic War at Stalingrad’ (as the Russians call it) and presents those historic moments in style, sensitivity, passion, heroism, desperation and outright bravery from Russians when the odds were astronomically against them.

Pic: Movie poster of Enemy at the Gates

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom


7) The Last Samurai

Who is the enemy? The one against whom you have been hired to fight or does the enemy exists in the heart of a man which he/she should overcome in order to fight the honorable battle? This movie touches that spot and asks us to question the definition of independence.

Pic: Tom Cruise in ‘The Last Samurai’

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom


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