8 Freedom Based Movies That Replenish The Feeling Of Independence In You


4)  Letters from IWO JIMA.

When you are absolutely certain of death, will you still fight for your country’s freedom? This masterpiece is one of very few war movies which portray the good and evil on both sides of the battlefield. Based on the battle of Iwo Jima, the movie depicts the story from the perspective of doomed Japanese soldiers who are certain to die (either by the enemy or by compulsory suicide). This movie catches that unfortunate spirit and in the process presents the selfless picture of sacrifice and freedom.

Pic: Poster of ‘Letters from IWO JIMA.’

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom


3) Gandhi

While the World was tearing itself apart during the two World Wars, one man demonstrated that freedom and independence could be attained through a completely different kind of resistance- Non-Violence. This Oscar-winning masterpiece shows the story of the legend and how he unsettled the Great British Empire through fasts, marches, and non-cooperation.

Pic: Sir Ben Kingsley as Gandhi

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom


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