8 Freedom Based Movies That Replenish The Feeling Of Independence In You


2) Life is Beautiful

“Freedom is a state of mind”. No other movie depicts it better than ‘Life is Beautiful’. Set during times of Holocaust, the movie tells a story of a Father who tries to keep his son safe from horrors of Holocaust. He does that by making his son believe that it is all part of a Game and freedom will come soon. The plot may sound unrealistic but the movie triumphs in painting a beautiful and positive picture during the darkest of times.

Pic: Poster of ‘Life is Beautiful.’ 

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom


1) Schindler’s list

What will you do when your own government disavow you and sends to your death? This Spielberg cinematic masterpiece tells the story of what is like to be chained in your own country. Ironically help for some 1200 Jews (among 6 million who eventually died) comes from an unexpected source- A Nazi German who feels the pains and sufferings of his subjects. To ensure their independence, he goes bankrupt and pays extreme costs but for those 1200 jews, Oscar Schindler brings about independence, freedom, and life. A must watch for any cinema lover.

Pic: The famous ‘girl in red coat’ from Schindler List. 

movies that inspire the feeling of independence and freedom




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