Inspiring Story Of This Young Couple Is Giving Serious Relationship Goals For Us


This couple set the relationship goals for us.We all need a partner who would be there with us in every part of life. We need someone who loves and care for us the most and want to spend each and every moment of our life with them. Such is an inspiring love story of Rose Marie and John Patrick. They lived a very simple life and belonged to not so known families but made their love story to be known and inspiring for many.

Balancing between studies, work and relationship isn’t an easy task. But how this couple managed it is what makes everyone think about . Both of them are with each other in every situation, worked while pursuing studies and completed everything very well. In 2012, Rose and John both started working in a fast food chain restaurant and that is where they met each other for the first time.

They  wanted to pursue degree and encouraged each other for studies while working. Working in fast food restaurant to becoming baristas they did it all together. After a year Rose left that job but that did not affect their relationship.

Despite working while pursuing studies John graduated last year. It was a big day of John and Rose was with him in this moment of happiness. Recently, Rose also graduated and John joined her to celebrate her happiness.

The couple is seriously setting us relationship goals. They studied and worked together and has been with each other every time. Their genuine love and care for each other can be seen.

Below are the happiest moments of the couple. The journey from workers in fast food chain to becoming graduates.

1. Celebrating John’s  Graduation Ceremony With Rose

2.Celebrating Rose’s  Graduation Ceremony With John

3. Graduated Rose

4.When they met eachother for the first time

5.Graduated John

6.Together Forever


8.Rose Marie herself.

9. Couple at Universal Studio

10. Relationship Goals


Credits – Facebook | Rose Marie


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