INTERNS Beware! 6 Intern Problems You Might Not know


  1. Can I buy some feedback, please?

Remember that test you never wanted to know the result of? Yeah, that’s like every semester result in college, lol. But when you intern, you’re mostly doing something related to your passion (real passion okay, if you are really passionate about fantasizing about Mia Khalifa… well, sorry, not happening guys.)

So you’re doing something you think you are good at and are hoping that you get a good review on your submission. If the review is negative, it sucks, I agree. But what if there is no feedback at all? You go WTF, “Did they like it?” “Should I mail it again, like 100 times, maybe then they will respond?” (biting nails)

Intern Problems

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Not everyone faces these situations, but if you’re like Stannis Baratheon of GoT, well, I’ll pray for your soul. Rest assured.


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