Interracial Couples Share Their Most Painful Encounters


We have seen a lot of interracial couples who goes through painful encounters almost every day!We are still not done with the term Racism! This started long back when people started to discriminate each other with their skin color. There are many interracial couples are still suffering from this issue of racism. They have encounter painful comments of the society. We need to get over it and treat everyone equally.

Here some of the interracial couples share their most painful encounters!

1. His grand mom’s reaction when she saw his black girlfriend!
interracial couple painful encounters

“My girlfriend was black and I am white. My grandmother was not a broad minded lady. She was against dating the same gender and people of different races. When she first saw my girlfriend she looked at her for a moment and then said “Oh! She is okay. She is not completely black!”

2. When he took his half Jamaican wife to meet his parents!
Interracial couples painful encounters “I took my half wife to meet my parents who used to live in Whales. We both decided to have a good weekend there with them. And it seemed that people there are still racist! When they saw me with my wife they started laughing at her. They made fun because she was not local.”

3. His Asian wife took care of his children!
Interracial couples painful encounters Interracial couples painful encountersI am an Asian girl and white guy. We have two kids and both of them happen to have red hair. My Asian wife is often offered jobs for babysitting because people see her taking care of her own children.  


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