iPhone 7 Is Coming : Here’s Everything Why You Should Not Be Excited About It!


The camera is one aspect where iPhone absolutely nails it, but then rest of the devices has also managed to keep up too.

With latest reports signifying Samsung’s Galaxy overtaking iPhone 6s by a storm in terms of sales, there always remains a scope of innovation in an iPhone. The last major upgrade to me was the iPhone 5s which came with one of its kind fingerprint sensor and major other upgrades.

iphone 7 is releasing on 7th september
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Rest all that have followed are nothing but attempts to keep up with Android’s ever evolving technology. Be it the forced touch which Huawei brought much before Apple or bigger screens. How can one forget the whole thumb fiasco? Apple never intended to make a screen bigger than 4’ but had to – following astonishing reception of Samsung’s bigger devices.

Anyhow, like Steve Jobs would say “Good artists copy; great artists steal”. We wish Apple the best. Not that they need it!


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