It Is High Time That We Break These Period Myths!

  1. Periods mark the beginning of female puberty, more importantly, it leads to the physical and psychological transition of a girl into a woman. But, there have been a ton of false speculations and period myths that have been going around for ages. There are a ton of restriction levied on the girl who is on her periods, but it’s time for the girls to really know what is the actual true fact regarding the period, and which facts are complete BS!

Here are some of the facts about the menstrual cycle which will get rid you of your period myths!

1. You are not allowed to take a bath when menstruating.

period myths

Seriously? and keep ourselves unclean and smelly for as long as we’re bleeding so that we increase our chances of infection? No, thank you.

2. No swimming in the pool.

period myths

I get it if you’re using sanitary napkins. But there are swimming sanitary napkins and underwear available, or you can always use tampons.

3. When women live together they tend to have synchronized periods. 

period myths

First of all, this isn’t a dance group, second of all periods don’t really have an inbuilt detector in the body that senses whether the women around you are having their periods so that you too can have yours.

4. Don’t dye your hair when you’re on your periods.

Some believe that periods tend to cause increased sebum production and the dye color doesn’t spread evenly. But, scientists haven’t really found any connection so far.

5. You should absolutely avoid alcohol during menstruation.

This is a little debatable, but too much of anything obviously will have ill effects on your body. But, having one or two glasses of wine or cocktails doesn’t really affect your menstrual cycle much.

6. Don’t shave your body hair during your period.

period myths

What if I need to wear a nice black dress and go out and have fun? Shave away your body hair and this myth my ladies.

7. Endure your abdominal pain without medicines.

Abdominal pain during periods can be a real mood killer. In fact, 33% of women have pain so severe that they experience high body temperature, nausea, and dizziness. You should definitely see a gynecologist and get the proper meds.

8. You absolutely can’t get pregnant when you’re on your periods.

This is where people go wrong, you might be right if you consider a 28 days menstrual cycle. But, some women have a 21 days menstrual cycle there might be pretty good chances of you getting pregnant while being on your periods.

9. Menstrual cycle depends on the moon cycle.

Nope, it doesn’t, at least that’s what the scientists concluded after studying 7.5 million cycles.

10. Using oral contraceptives to delay your periods isn’t healthy at all.

It is one of the most common period myths that oral contraceptives affect your health. But, studies have found that using oral contraceptives to delay your periods can actually be useful.


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