Japanese Girl, Ikuta Kana Is The Hottest Taxi Driver In The World


Everyone has used Uber or some other taxi hiring app or service at least once in their lifetime and maybe not liked it or some reason. Mainly it’s traffic but in other cases, people tend to meet amazing drivers who are just too good to be drivers. People socialize with the taxi drivers over the journey as that’s the only person with you at that time and have some bond with them. Generally, every time you see a taxi driver you don’t seem to remember them for long at least by their look and it certainly didn’t happen that you liked watching your driver. It’s generally very rate you find a female driver as well recently, a Japanese girl, Ikuta Kana certainly changes this by being known as the hottest taxi driver in the world.

Below are some of the photos of the hottest taxi driver in the world:

Ikuta Kana is 24-years-old.

This Japanese girl recently created a buzz on social media after one of her passengers shared her photo online terming her as the “Hottest Taxi Driver in the World”.

She’s a part-time model as well!

She earns her living by modeling and driving a car together and is quite good at both her jobs.

She started as a Gravure model.

She also appears regularly in Nino San, a weekly Japanese TV program. She’s a part of Mina Mates, a group of Models for Mina Magazine. She has also done modeling for salon brands across Japan.

She acquired a Professional Driver’s license just after college.


She is 2 years into the profession now and can be seen on the routes of Shibuya, Ebisu, and Naka-Meguro in Japan.

She does both the Jobs all the Time!


She doesn’t quit any one of the professions because of the nature of modeling as to how irregular the nature of the job can be.

She also maintains her own vehicle.

I wouldn’t expect a female taxi driver but Kana even services her own vehicle and that’s too good.

She has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram!

On top of that, she has the blue verified tick as well.

She also enjoys her job.

She drives the taxi to make her financial ends meet but she also likes to do the job and doesn’t want to leave it any soon.

She’s just so Amazing!

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I’d never mind getting stuck in the traffic with the hottest taxi driver on the planet, I’d like the jam to last an eternity maybe.


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