This Kid Bodybuilder, Who Is Also Called ‘Little Hercules’ Is Now A Man And Following New Dreams


You might remember “Little Hercules”, the 6-year-old kid who was jacked like a professional bodybuilder. Yes, that’s right! When we were busy watching Spongebob Squarepants, this kid bodybuilder was hitting the gym. For those who don’t remember, here’s a refresher.

His Name Is Richard Sandrak And When He Was Less Than 10 Years Old, He Was More Fit Than What I’ll Ever Be In My Entire Life

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Seriously though, this kid bodybuilder did not have a normal childhood. When we were learning to draw, he was training in martial arts.

His Father Emigrated To The US For A Better Life From Ukraine

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

They ended up living in California where the personality Little Hercules was eventually born. His father hired a professional trainer for his child in order to turn him into a kid bodybuilder.

And They Succeed At That

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Little Hercules was on a gruelling workout system which consisted of 600 pushups as well as situps on a daily basis. Think about that for a second!

He Had To Sacrifice His Childhood In Order To Become A Kid Bodybuilder

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Which means a very strict diet which consists of no junk food. He couldn’t even have candies or ice creams as a kid. What kind of a childhood is that?

His Father Was Heavily Criticised For Forcing This Lifestyle On His Child

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

As it was his dad who was helping Richard become this little freak of nature. It was only natural for the media to accuse him of forcing his son to become a kid bodybuilder.

But Little Richard Maintained That This Is What He Really Wanted To Do With His Life

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Seems like he was quite matured for his age.

He Gained Stardom Soon Afterwards

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Popular bodybuilders and pro wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan and The Big Show did photoshoots with him.

He Even Got A Movie Deal. It Was Titled “Little Hercules” Which Was How He Got The Nickname

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

It starred Hulk Hogan and Big Show.

But Richard’s Life Changed After His Dad Got Imprisoned For Domestic Abuse

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

Image credits: Inside Edition

And as he grew up, Richard’s stardom started fading away until almost everybody forgot about him.

Today Richard Is His Own Man And Oh, He Looks Nothing Like His Former Self

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

He looks like nothing like his former self and has stopped bodybuilding. Looking back he said he’s proud of his past but he needs to move forward.

He’s Working As A Stuntman Now

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

That’s right, he’s stepped out of his father’s shadow and is carving a name for himself in Hollywood as a stuntman.

He Wishes To Be An Engineer For NASA Someday

Little Hercules, kid bodybuilder

And he’s quite determined about it too.

Image credit: Inside Edition, Monagiza, CultureHook


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