Kids Give Hilarious Answers In Exams That Are Absolutely Genius!


Kids, innocent little beings, a bundle of joy and what not, but sometimes these kids can very well give the adults a run for their money. So, what if they can’t spell certain things properly, that absolutely doesn’t mean that they can’t ace their exams. These answers that these kids have come up with in their exams are a downright genius!

The answers that these kids have written for their exams are absolutely genius!

1. That is technically correct though, I mean you just wanted him to find “x” didn’t you?

2. Well, what adults don’t understand at times, kids perfectly get that done.
3. He’s definitely good at keeping up words, but I’m certain that he wasn’t supposed to pick up these words though.
4. Right you are, which makes me wonder why wasn’t I smart enough to figure that out! Oh, right.

5. This is is definitely not heading towards a bright future if he continues to mess up calculus like this.

6. You can’t really call him wrong there, that kid is definitely a smart one. Keep it simple, keep it real.

7. These people truly don’t understand how the world works, love is truly the most powerful force on Earth.
8. You literally, literally asked the kid to “name” the quadrilaterals.

9. Right he is, goodbye childhood, in fact, you sort of have to deal with an existential crisis.
genius10. A little kid knows that you should absolutely not hit dogs, and apparently the book writers don’t know this.
11. Exactly, how else do you expect to solve the problem? Using Geography?
genius12. He is a Chinese immigrant you see, and that is why you know no other language other than Chinese.
genius13. Yep, kids don’t earn money, they are indeed freeloaders.

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