These Kids Learned That Their Birth Was A Mistake, This Is How They Feel About It!


How would you feel if you come to know that your birth was a mistake? I don’t think anybody would want to go through that horrible feeling. I mean, how can a parent think of giving birth to their kids was a mistake?

These kids share what is it like to know that your birth was a mistake!

1. Hey, you weren’t a mistake. It is not your fault that your parents feel apart.

kids share that their birth was a mistake

2. Look, if your dad can’t be a man enough to handle you, it’s he who is at fault. 

3. Good for him, he never really deserved you anyway. 4. Oh, my God, you should definitely move out as soon as you can. 5. Okay, miss, she didn’t ruin your life, You did!6. Okay, so, why the fuck did you not use proper protection?7. But, you did happen, right? So, you should definitely live your life without giving a fuck!8. Learn to take care of yourself. And live like you are supposed to, don’t care about what people think!9. That really hurts a lot. But, then again, you weren’t at fault. They were!10. Okay, so, still both failed? WOW!11. Only if you let yourself feel that way! You’re not what they are trying to make you feel like. 12. Okay,  don’t know what to console you about, really, I don’t!13. Just because they say it, doesn’t really mean that it’s true.14. Nice!15. He’s a pathetic man, that’s it. 16. How can somebody be mad about that? I mean, that’s still your child!
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17. Exactly, and don’t you dare lose your heart!

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18. No, they don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you should hold onto these things!


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