25 Times Kids Really Outshone Themselves While Writing Letters To Santa!


Kids, they are probably the best and the worst beings on this planet. They will say and do things adults will probably never understand. But, there is that one time of the year where they really get amazingly creative. And this time they have definitely outshone themselves while writing letters to Santa!

These amazing kids probably outshone themselves while writing letters to Santa!

1. That is the sweetest letter ever! I’m sure as hell proud of you kid.kids outshone themselves while writing letters to Santa

2. Aww, kid, you are seriously one well-mannered kid. I’m in tears right now!

3. Yeah yeah, I get it, wait, so you want a dog?

4. That is some pretty good advice for Mr. Santa. And this definitely makes sense. 


5. We all want Simba’s dad to wake up kid, he knows how much we want him to wake up.

6. And that is my future kid. Kiddo, you are probably the best thing.


7. These are the kids I really wanna go and give them a big hug. 

8. I love this kind of kids who know what they want exactly pinned down to the URL. Makes work easier for Santa.

9. You hear that Santa? There will be severe consequences if you don’t get the damn pony.

10. Basically, he wants 26 gifts each starting with each letter of the alphabet.


11. I’m guessing the 29 dollars is to buy something very specific. Good luck with whatever it is kid!

12. Noooo, dear boy, he won’t give you coal, you are a really sweet kid!


13. This kid is definitely me and my whole heart. I love you kid.

14. Well, well, if only the world was a wish-granting factory!

15. How have I wanted this to happen for my entire school life!

16. Me too kid, me too. 




18. Yep, this definitely works.


19. If I was going to be the Santa for this kid, he was definitely getting a coal.  

20. You know kid, I too wanted a puppy since I can remember, but some wishes just don’t come true!

21. Ahaan, there is definitely something cooking up!

22. Nope, Santa never discriminates.

23. Someone who knows what writing a letter, and also remembers to ask the important questions.

24. Oh, Honey. You’re gonna regret that when you grow up. 


25. Okay, buddy, you need to work on your spellings.

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