Bet You Didn’t Know That These Celebrities Were Childhood Friends


4. Nicole Richie & Kim Kardashian

Celebrities Who Were Childhood Friends


The friendship of Kim & Nicole dates back to even before the time Paris Hilton & Kim became BFF’s. Kim & Nicole used to live in the same area even before they stepped into teenage.


5. Amanda Seyfried & Mae Whitman

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

Now here’s a friendship that has stood the test of time. The Arrested Development star have been friends with Amanda since childhood & they still attend functions & ceremonies together despite becoming well-established celebrities.


6. Courtney Love & Drew Barrymore

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

The party girl phrase of Drew Barrymore as a teenager gave birth to this friendship. Drew & Courtney met in a club’s bathroom, where the two celebrities were smoking. Courtney even made Drew the Godmother of her & Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean.


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