Bet You Didn’t Know That These Celebrities Were Childhood Friends


7. Taylor Lautner & Victoria Justice

Celebrities Who Were Childhood Friends


Being a cute pair of childhood friends that even hung out together very often in adulthood, Lautner & Victoria were heavily rumored to be dating each other in the past, however, too much disappointment of their fans these two celebrities never actually did.


8. Elijah Wood & Macaulay Culkin

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

Elijah & Macaulay first met on the sets of The Good Sons(1993). And ever since then they have been good friends. Even to this day, after more than two decades their friendship is intact.


9. Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

They were both Disney’s top girls, but their friendship dates way back to the time they starred on Barney & Friends when they were 7 years old. They were a cute pair of childhood friends before becoming teen celebrities.


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