Know What Various Symbols On Your Battery Charger Signifies For


Battery chargers are an important accessory for electronic gadgets be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or something else. Electronic items are useless without batteries and chargers.

There are various types of chargers depending upon the capacity and rating of the battery. Some of these chargers can charge equipment fast while others charge slow.

What is common to all of these is that they are all designed for domestic use and under domestic voltage supply conditions. However, there are still some other details that are written on the chargers. Have you ever noticed the signs on a battery charger? There are many of them, but they are written in symbols. You need to know the meaning of the symbols to get to the fact.

So the CE mark that you can see on the battery chargers is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product has been designed and manufactured while adhering to all applicable EC directives.

With the CE mark on the charger, the manufacturer declares that the responsibility of conformity with all the requirements of CE marking is solely on the company.

Similarly, the crossed dustbin mark on the charger indicates that this product should not be thrown in the dustbin.

It is electronic waste and it needs to be disposed off accordingly.

There are some other signs which signify safety.

So the double square indicates that the product has double insulation. Which means that the product’s safety is pretty much reliable.

Similarly, the PCT logo on the charger denotes that the product has been designed and manufactured in conformity with GOST R Standards.

GOST is a state standard for Russia. It refers to some technical standards upheld by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC). This is a regional organization for standards of electronic equipment and is operating under the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The ‘V’ symbol indicates the efficiency level of the equipment. One can get an idea about the efficiency and no power requirement of the accessory.

Lastly, a home symbol indicates that the equipment is only for indoor use and not for industrial purposes.


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