These Lesbians Are Dealing With Severe Baby Fever!


Having a baby is really something that all of us girls look forward to. But sometimes our choices don’t really let us plan ahead in the future. And one such thing is being a lesbian, and having a severe baby fever!

These lesbian women are sharing how dealing with severe baby fever is taking a toll on their lives!

1. You don’t really need to cheat for having a baby, you can really talk it out with her and ask her about it!The Struggle Is Real: I'm A Lesbian With Severe Baby Fever

2. You know, sometimes, the greater disappointment comes from friends. And now, you should really go to the doctor and talk about it.

3. Well, wanting a baby with your partner is really the most wonderful thing ever!

4. Well, you never know what you want and when you want it.

5. Look, you don’t have to regret being what you are, and it isn’t like there is no other option!

6. This is a really big problem, why does everything need to be so expensive these days?

lesbians with severe baby fever

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8. If you just want a baby you can really really adopt one.

9. Well, the closest thing that you can do is get your one night stand to impregnate you.

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10. Well, having a baby does really makes you feel complete. But this is really tough when you don’t get help.

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11. Well, there isn’t much that you can do, adopt a baby, and I don’t think you’ll know the difference.

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12. You really will have a baby, try and I guess things will work out in your favor.lesbians with severe baby fever

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13. Well, it isn’t hard, you just need to see other options and apply them.lesbians with severe baby fever

14. Look, if you can’t find somebody to work with, you really need to do it on your own!lesbians with severe baby fever

15. Yep, this is really really important that you do this.

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