Lesser known Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes That You’d Love To Know.


4. John Watson was a changed name too.

Sir AC Doyle probably wasn’t much happy with the names he first selected. He changed his name from Ormond Sacker to John Watson. He felt that the name wasn’t suitable for Watson’s everyman and down-to-earth status. Well, that proved to be a good choice.

Facts regarding Sherlock Holmes.


5. Sherlock Holmes took drugs from time to time.

This may be known to people who have been Sherlocked for a long time. Sherlock used to take drugs for two possible reasons. He needed stimulation for his ‘overactive brain’ and he never felt the side effects of drug taking. He was a casual smoker and drug addict. In Doyle’s The sign of the four, John asks Sherlock regarding the needle he’s injecting. “Cocaine or Morphine?” he asks. Sherlock replies that it was 7 percent solution of Cocaine. That probably indicates that Sherlock was a regular drug taker of both Cocaine and Morphine.

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6. Did Sherlock wear a deerstalker hat for real?

Nah! He didn’t. It is nowhere depicted in short stories or serialized novels. So where did the thing come from?  Well, that was because of the way he was rendered in the original drawings for The Strand Magazine. That is just a hat which was worn in the rural English countryside during hunting. What link does that have to Sherlock? Maybe because the double-flapped deerstalker hat was almost same as the police cap. So that way Sherlock can be imagined to wear that cap to make sure that criminals take him seriously.

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