8 Fantasy That Would Come True If Your Life Were A Movie!


Do you love to get glued to the screen, get lost into the fantasy world and imagine yourself as the protagonist going through all those cheesy & sleazy situations? Do you live every moment of your life as if the spotlights are on and somebody is about to say, “Lights…. Camera…. Action”!!

Here are some things out of which any one could happen to you had your life *actually* been a MOVIE!!!

1) You’d never ever repeat a dress!

Because this is what those characters do…….. ‘a new Dress for a new Day’! Not just the outfit… but you’ll get to wake up with a brand new hairstyle every day too. Yup, I know those straighteners and curlers had already been invented long ago to make that dream come true in reality as well…. but treating yourself to a spic-and-span makeover without making any efforts and getting your wallet empty can only happen in a movie.
life as movie fantasy

2) A millionaire businessman or a celebrity would fall in love with you one day………..

…………. and your life will turn upside down all of a sudden. You’d probably mistake him as a commoner and he wouldn’t reveal himself until he proposes to you. Sounds like a fairy-like, no?? But to our disappointment, millionaires don’t walk on roads with their arms open waiting for us to cuddle them and get our lives changed overnight! *Rags to Riches*

life as movie fantasy
3) All sorts of Vampires, Werewolves and Superheroes are dying to make you theirs!

They’d take you to places nobody has ever been to, fight for you with evil villains, appear like magic whenever you get into trouble and make your life like a living dream. You’d get an all time savior even though deep down he suppresses his own urge to suck your blood!

life as movie fantasy


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