8 Fantasy That Would Come True If Your Life Were A Movie!


4) A time machine would pop your way to take you million years back!

So don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself surrounded by dinosaurs and creatures that have got extinct long ago. Those deadly animals would be all set to pounce upon you leading towards a breathtaking journey like nothing else.

life as movie fantasy

5) Dance on the road cos’ everybody would join you and know all the steps!

Those people walking on the street have nothing else to do but accompany you in the performance to impress your lady love. No need of choreography…… no need of coordination…… the music will play from God knows where……. and there you go!

life as movie fantasy

6) Wake up one day only to realize that you’ve unusual supernatural powers!

An insect might bite you showering all its powers along with the venom or you might just hail from an alien planet whatsoever. You’d just need a classy name to suit your dynamic personality, a hero suit to make you actually look like one and a mask to say ‘hi’ to your double-trouble life. And you obviously know what follows next…………

life as movie fantasy


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