12 ‘Like Father like Son’ Examples That You’ll Love To See!


Hollywood is an ocean of versatile and talented stars. It isn’t that easy for the star kids to establish themselves in the industry just like their ascendent. Some manage to overcome the hurdles and walk on the footsteps of their Fathers. Lets see the 12 most amazing examples of Like Father Like Son.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith
Will Smith is obviously loved worldwide for his outstanding acting skills. This father-son duo was witnessed together for the first time in The Pursuit of Happiness movie in 2006.Like father like son


Robert Downey Sr. and Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Sr. is an underground filmmaker and his son Robert Downey Jr, the charming man known for his role in Iron man.Like father like sonVia

Gary Busey and Jake Busey
Jake Busey made his first debut in 1978 with his father. This father son duo is a perfect example of Like father like son.Like father like sonVia 


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