What Does The Location Of Your Acne Explains And How To Be Acne Free


Did you know that the location of your acne explains a lot about your health? Well, it’s extremely important to know the root cause in order to become acne free

Let’s see what the location of your acne explains and how to be acne free.


Acnes on foreheads are generally as a result of poor digestion. Our body stacks toxins, frequent consumption of water is required to flush out these toxins.

What does location of acne explains to be acne free


When you consume less water, these toxins result as acnes. It’s advisable to avoid fizzy and caffeinated drinks.

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Somewhere around the eyes

Acnes on this location might be a sign of dehydration. The area under the eyes is connected to the kidneys.

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If you get pimples here, clearly means dysfunction of the kidneys.

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