6 Reasons Why Long Distance Friendships Are The Strongest!!


Sometimes, you see people and feel a sense of connection with them, in other words, you just vibe. That connection, that feeling is called friendship. Friendship is not measured by the number of times you meet that person or the number of selfies you have with them. It’s about having the same old vibe forever and almost always. So I believe long distance friendships are something everyone should’ve experience of. It’s the most beautiful thing to happen to any person.

So here are 6 reasons as to why Long Distance Friendships are the best!

GET READY. Also, excuse me if I use abbreviations like LDF i.e Long Distance Friendships. Duh?!

Long Distance friendships

1. Realisation of human worth

When you’re apart from each other, you actually understand the value of the other person. One does not take the other person for granted. One comes to know the other person’s worth. In today’s day and age, everybody has WiFi and smartphones , so whenever friends hang out with each other, they’re just busy on their phones.. or even if at all if they’re talking to each other, they probably might be stalking one of their exes on Instagram.So when you’re in a LDF, you know that person is there with you, for a limited time, so you actually speak your heart out to the other person.

Long Distance friendships

2. What sacrifice means?

One gets to know the real meaning of sacrifice, when you’re in a LDF, you might have to face different time zones, and for talking to your friend on the other side of the Earth, one probably has to wake up at 4am. And mind you, 4am conversation is the best and they’re worth it. You might not be able to enjoy the happy hour with your friend, in person, but you are sure to share your hangover with your friend at 4am.

Long Distance friendships

3. The travel bug

If you’re wanderlust and are always looking for some place to travel about, then you’ve your friend to your rescue, you could take the next flight to where your friend stays and there! You don’t even have to look for residence and guides. Wow!! Isn’t it?! Then, of course, you can be the best BFF goals!
Trust me, living over at your friend’s place in an unknown city/country gives such an adrenaline rush! Isn’t it? Or in other words. “Isme kick hai”


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