Do You Want To Lose Weight? Here’s How One Can Lose 5 Kg In 2 Weeks With These 10 Effective Ways



8. Take Black Coffee with two diet cookies and biscuits by 4 pm.


9. Go for a half an hour Jog by 6 pm.


10. Have Vegetable Soup and Salad by 7 pm.

Note: Do not eat anything after that!

This may feel like nothing is allowed to actually eat but trust me the results are going to shock you and will also motivate you. I myself did these tricks for around 10 days and lose  5 kg drastically. I would not say that this result will be with you too. It can depend on from person to person. But the change on your weight machine is definite.

You’d feel filled up with self-confidence and so much happiness once you did it with true dedication towards the goal of you to look in shape. Stay happy and stay fit. Don’t let cheesecakes and donuts bring that fat in your body.



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