6 Interesting Love Stories Of Couples Who Found Love On Social Media!


5. Kendra Cowser, 30, and Sean O’Brien, 32
Sean and Kendra met in January 2010 and got married on September 14, 2013.

Kendra usually added friends on Facebook whom she knew. She hardly had an interest in being friends with strangers.

In 2009, it was fate maybe, Sean sent her a friend request. Though Kendra didn’t know him, she looked into his profile and found that he lived near her hometown of Galva, Illinois. She thought that they might have common friends so she accepted his request. It was normal for six months and it was then when Sean started “liking” some of her photos.

One night as she was packing up her flat in Chicago getting ready to head back to her hometown, Kendra decided to satisfy her curiosity and pinged him. Sean seemed to be online and responded back immediately and they kept on chatting all night. They admitted that neither of them had any plans of starting a relationship at the time, but it turned into one. Two days later when Kendra was back in Galva, Sean visited her with a bottle of wine to celebrate their meeting. In July 2012, he messaged her on Facebook, obviously, and proposed her for marriage.

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6. Joanna Stern, 29, and Michelle Barna, 31
Michelle and Joanna met in February 2009 and were married off on September 14, 2014.

Joanna worked as a journalist in New York City and was one of the early users of Twitter. Those days searching for people of same interests wasn’t this easy as today. She was looking for the fans who were tweeting about Showtime’s The L Word when she found Michelle’s feed. Se just loved her snarky tweets. Joanna clicked on to follow her on Twitter and Michelle soon followed back.

Soon they found that Michelle, a director of social media for a digital marketing firm, had once pitched story ideas to Joanna, their Twitter connection grew into deep friendship, and in no time they were on a date. And then five years later Joanna proposed to Michelle on Twitter. The couple had planned an intimate vineyard wedding in fall 2014.


These stories of the couples were originally published in the Summer 2014 Issue of The Knot Magazine!


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