Meet The Gorgeous Princesses From Around The World!


Every one of us has imagined ourselves as princesses at one point in our lives. But, let’s face it, being a real-life royal beauty is another thing altogether. You are the next in line for succession and you have so many responsibilities to fulfill. Whatever may be the case, these royal beauties from around the world look simply breathtaking.

This is how gorgeous princesses from around the world look like!

1. Jetsun Pema Wangchuk is the Queen of Bhutan.princesses

2. This is Letizia, Queen of Spain.
3. Princess Martha Lousie of Norway. (I’m so in love with her crown, it is so pretty!)
4. Princess of Venice, Clotilde Courau. She looks simply spectacular doesn’t she?
5. Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess of Monaco which also makes her a princess by the royal law!
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6. Princess Katherine, Princess of both Greece and Denmark is styled in the UK as Lady Katherine Brandram.

7. This is Princess Alessandra of Hanover. (They have such beautiful crowns!)

8. The gorgeous princess of Saudi Arabia Princess Ameerah-Al-Taweel bin Aidan bint Nayef al-taweel al-Qtaibi, who is more popularly known as PrincessAmeera-Al- Taweel in the English press and media.

9. Pauline Grace Maguy Ducret, the daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and Grace Kelly,

10. Charlene, the princess of Monaco, now we know where Charlotte Casiraghi gets her impeccable looks from.
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11. Princess of Sweden, Princess Sofia is the Duchess of Varmland married to Prince Carl Philip the Duke of Varmland.
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12. The gorgeous and ever beautiful Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Great Britain.


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