Meet The Man Who Is 50 Years Old But Doesn’t Look A Day Over 20!


Age, something that does catch up sooner or later. Old age has various signs and effects on health that cannot be ignored. But, what if I tell you that you can be 50 years old without looking a day over 20. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at this man!

Meet the photographer from Singapore who is 50 years old but doesn’t look a day over 20!

50 years old

Chuando Tan, the photographer from Singapore has garnered a massive fan following after he posted his pictures on Instagram.

Working as a photographer, the clients often want to know how famous the photographer is and how big a fan following he has.

This led to him to create an Instagram account in which he posted pictures of himself.

50 years old

And soon he had a massive fan following of 160k wanting to know the secret to his extra ordinary well maintained physique.

50 years old

Chuando used to be a model in the 1980’s and he even managed to become a pop singer in the 1990’s but sadly his career didn’t last long and he sought to photography.

It all started when one day he thought of posting a picture of himself rather than of his work and then came flooding in the fans.

So finally, he decided to reveal his routine which has helped him to look so young.

He wakes up really early in the morning and works out for at least 90 mins everyday. His exercise includes of strength training followed by cardio. He makes sure that he swims for at least an hour.

His breakfast includes of six eggs daily, and his main meals consists of green salads. He avoids having coffee and alcohol at all costs.

50 years old

He has never used any skincare products since he has very sensitive skin. The only thing he uses is a face wash and moisturising cream.

He also stresses on the fact that one should do what he likes to since that has a direct impact on our health and appearance.

He has a habit of going to bed latest by 11 pm and wakes up early to start his day afresh. These habits have helped him to maintain his youth and escape old age!

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