Men Are Attracted To Women Like A Magnet Who Does These Things!


Attraction and repulsion is the law of nature. But, there are certain habits that stand out really well. Men are usually attracted to certain personality traits that women have and it drives them towards them like a magnet!

Men are attracted to women like a magnet who does these things!

1. Lumbar curvature.


One of the most important things that makes a woman really attractive is her lumbar curvature. But, we aren’t talking about Kim Kardashian level curvature, that is just gross. Well, the scientists claim that women who have a curvature of 45.5 degrees are most attractive.

2. Length of legs.


This is no new fact that men really dig the length of the legs of women. But, what is the perfect length? You don’t need to have really long legs to attract a man, but if your legs stand out in contrast to rest of the body, you have his attention!

3. Color of hair.


This place a major factor when attracting men. Men are usually more driven towards blonde or brunettes rather than black or red colored hair. The real reason behind this is the match with the skin color altogether, while blondes take the first place, red hair is the least attractive!

4. Limbal rings. 


Never thought that men are attracted to details but here we go. The women who have wider limbal rings are found more attractive to men rather than those who have light and no limbal ring at all.

5. Waist to hip ratio.


This too proves to be really effective factor when it comes to attracting men. The women who have ideal waist to hip ratio that is 0.7 are easily more attractive to men.

6. Make up.


Men usually like women who apply no to moderate make up. They are not really attracted to women who apply bold make up. Rather a soft application is more preferable by men.

7. The eye color.


Well, you’re finally going to gaze into the eyes of the one you love right! So, definitely this is going to play an important role in attracting men. Researchers have found that the women who have blue eyes are most attractive.

8. Age.


Age too plays an important factor when it comes to making a couple. Well, the majority of the couples have men being older than women. Men who are in their 20’s or 30’s prefer women who are 24 to 26 years old.

9. Height.


When it comes to height, tall men prefer women who are shorter in height than them. While the short men look for women who are almost equal in height with them.

10. Manner of speaking and tone of voice.

Studies have fount out that men prefer the women who have more feminine voice (like that of Marilyn Monroe) rather than the ones who have squeaky voice (Kim Kardashian). They also find women more attractive who tend to speak in manner similar to theirs.


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