7 Guilty Pleasures All Men Have! WHAT ARE YOURS?

  1. Shopping, Shopping, and Shopping!

Who doesn’t love to shop? Earlier guys thought of shopping as a bane of their existence, so they avoided malls and boycotted markets. But God bless the online shopping sites. They came down as a shower of blessing for the guys. Now, they can sit down and focus on shopping without answering anyone. Shopping is their secret hobby now because it no more involves the hassle of going out.

Guilty Pleasures All Men Have


  1. Wearing a little Bling

Diamond’s are not only a girl’s best friend. They are men’s best friend too. Men love to add a little bling to their personality. They too love shiny things on them, Ladies! But in a manly fashion, of course. It needs to be limited, and classy and what not. But the conclusion boils down to the fact that men too are mad after jewellery. That’s no shame guys. You spend a fortune on them anyway.

Guilty Pleasures All Men Have


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