7 Guilty Pleasures All Men Have! WHAT ARE YOURS?

  1. Pampering Themselves

Men need a break too. They love getting pampered with a massage which may seem high maintenance. But, Hey! Don’t be too quick to judge. This guilty pleasure might come in handy for you girls (Wink). Next time your man is having a bad day, give him a little massage. It might be good for both of you!

Guilty Pleasures All Men Have


  1. Their love for Whiskey

Men love their Whiskey. If your guy likes to unwind with a glass of Scotch, it shows he’s the type that appreciates the finer things in life. Well, yeah it might not be the best idea for women to think of drinking to unwind, but it’s man’s ultimate choice of drink. This guilty pleasure makes him take pride in himself.

Guilty Pleasures All Men Have

  1. Their Shoe Investment

I think this is one guilty pleasure all men have. The guy’s first set of Nikes made them feel faster than the speed of light. They never think twice before investing on a shoe. They might as well beat your collection of shoe ladies! Well, it’s good they are cautious about their footwear, as a man’s shoe can tell a lot about his personality. Shoes have all the answers.

Guilty Pleasures All Men Have



Well, not all Guilty Pleasures have to be essentially guilty. Some of them might turn out to be the hot qualities in the guy! (Wink)

So, what are your Guilty Pleasures?




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