12 Mind Blowing Facts About Valentine’s Day You Must Not Miss!


The Oldest record of valentine’s day card dates back to 1415.
Charles, the Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned inside of the Tower of London in the year 1415. The Duke had been captured during the Battle of Agincourt and promptly locked away as a valuable prisoner. Rather than lamenting his captivity the Duke instead wrote a simple, loving poem to his wife.
 Mind Blowing Facts About Valentines Day

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Cool tradition, isn’t it?
Unlike other countries In Japan 14th March, or say ‘White Day’ is celebrated where men give women cookies, jewellery & handbags. The custom of women giving chocolate to men was also started in Japan by Mary’s Chocolates in 1958.

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Talent has no boundaries. :p
In 2013, On Valentine’s Day, a Thai couple set the world record for the longest continuous kiss, which lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, the couple also set the previous record in 2011.

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