Missing Characters From Game Of Thrones, They Basically Disappeared From The Show


Every year Game of Thrones introduces some new characters that instantly become a hit. It’s really amazing to see them and kudos to the casting team, so far all the characters from Game of Thrones have been so iconic which can’t be replaced, doesn’t matter how long they play the character until George R. R. Martin decides to kill them, but what matters the most is keeping all the characters together. It’s not difficult to have a track of the characters in books, but it is a challenging part when you are filming them. You will be surprised to know that there are so many missing characters from the show.

game of thrones missing characters


There are so many long missing characters that never came back in Game of Thrones season 6. They just disappeared without any explanation. Some of the missing characters play major parts, I hope we get to see them in upcoming seasons. Here we have collected the missing characters from game of thrones, have a look!

Here are the top missing characters from Game of Thrones (Season 1-6). Hope we get to see them again

1. The Greyjoy Uncles

When Yara Greyjoy can only get about five minutes of screen time in any given season, it’s no surprise that her three uncles—Victarion, Euron, and Aeron Greyjoy—have been cut completely. In the books, they’re part of a massive power struggle that takes place in the Iron Islands and has begun to bleed outward to other territories.

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2. Penny

In the first episode of Game of Thrones fifth season, Tyrion makes clear his intention to book it with Varys to Meereen so that he can meet with Daenerys to determine whether she’s worth supporting. One of his companions on his not-so-merry travels is a young dwarf named Penny who, with her brother Oppo, used to make a living as entertainers. A different version of that scene made it to the show, but Penny did not. A fan theory suggests that Penny is Tyrion’s daughter, which would make it really weird, she has a massive crush on him.

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3. Gendry

One of Robert Baratheon’s many bastards, Gendry was one of Arya’s traveling companions. We last saw Gendry rowing away from Storm’s End in a small boat for parts unknown.  In the books, Gendry remained with the Brotherhood without Banners and Melisandre used one of Robert’s other bastards for the ritual, so it’s unclear if Gendry will ever return in the books.

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