Missing Characters From Game Of Thrones, They Basically Disappeared From The Show


7. Hot Pie

In addition to proving Melisandre a sneaky succubus, Gendry was also one-third of the awesome Arya-Gendry-Hot Pie trifecta that escaped Harrenhal and joined the Brotherhood without Banners at the Inn at Crossroads in Season 3. After Arya and Gendry left, Hot Pie stuck around at the Inn as a baker’s apprentice and was instrumental in leading diners Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne to Arya Stark’s probable location.

game of thrones missing charcters


8. Ilyn Payne

We’re pretty sure no one would be sorry if this missing character who executed Ned had met his end, Ser Ilyn is probably still skulking around King’s Landing waiting to take out another of our favorite characters. Joffrey’s loyal henchman hasn’t actually made an appearance since season two, but was mentioned by Tywin Lannister in the season four finale during his attempt to convince Tyrion that he wouldn’t let him be killed.

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