Mother Who Had Previously Married Her Son Now Marries Her Daughter!


They say that the bond between a mother and her child is the most sacred of all. But there are some instances where people actually lose all their conscience and do something which is nothing but shameful. We have often seen cases of young mothers who abandon their children for various reasons. Sometimes they do come back to their children to give them the love they have craving for. But would you believe me that in one such case the mother not only came back to her son and her daughter, but not as a mother, but as their wives? Yes, this just happened, she married them.

mother married son and daughter

In December 2008, she had married one of her sons who was 18 at that time. Well, the son was sensible enough to conclude that this was definitely wrong. He had filed for an annulment in March 2010 and had listed incest as the reason.

mother married son and daughter

But there were no charges filed at that time and the case was closed pretty soon. But looks like mommy dearest was still under the impression that marrying your own child is absolutely okay.

mother married son and daughter

Patricia Spann had three children from her first marriage, one daughter, and two sons. She had long lost custody of her children, who were adopted by their paternal grandmother.

mother married son and daughter

She had no contact with the children whatsoever and did know anything about their well being until a few years ago. They were adopted by their paternal grandmother.

Things were going fine until Patricia returned back, not to be their mother, but to marry them. Yep, at first, she married her son, then after he annulled the marriage in 2010, she married her daughter in 2016.

mother married son and daughter

Well, seems like she was finally going to get what she deserved for this absurd act of hers. Both Misty and Patricia were charged with incest and arrested in September 2016.

Her weird relationship with her daughter was raising many questions and finally one day in August 2016, after a child welfare investigator found that she and Misty Spann, who was living in Duncan, Okla, may have been having an incestuous relationship.

Patricia in her defense pleaded not guilty as she had “looked up the law” and concluded that there was nothing wrong in marrying her daughter as she was not registered as the birth mother. The birth record with the state’s Office of the Inspector General lists her paternal grandmother as her birth mother.

However, Misty Spann’s original birth certificate from the hospital where she was born lists Patricia Spann as her birth mother.

Misty filled for an annulment in September 2016 and listed fraud and incest as the reason. The charge against Patricia Spann remains pending. She is scheduled back in court in January.


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