This Viral Couple Shows Motherhood Uncensored Through Their Pictures


Ever wondered what happens post pregnancy? The things new parents go through from changing diapers to vomiting and sleepless nights with the baby, in reality, are different from the ones portrayed outside or shown in movies. Not much people discuss these changes and hardships because that isn’t a very beautiful phase. This is the real Motherhood Uncensored.

A couple recently shared images of post pregnancy in the same title “Motherhood Uncensored”. These pictures are going viral over the internet and have been shared a million times.  These are beautiful real life experiences of them handling the growth of kids and biological changes the mother went through and her coming back to her native state. The couple is a famous internet celebrity Amanda Chantal Bacon. There is a fair chance you might know them through Their website or Facebook.

Let’s take a look at what they highlighted from sharing all images on social media.

1. Motherhood Uncensored:

This was the post which went viral.

Motherhood Uncensored



2. Breast-Feeding:

I guess no one takes their photos breastfeeding their newborns, but here she is.

Motherhood Uncensored Motherhood Uncensored


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