This Viral Couple Shows Motherhood Uncensored Through Their Pictures


5. Hygiene is a must

This is something you hate but you still have to help out your kid to understand what it actually is.

Motherhood Uncensored

6. Maintaining your Love

Your love for your partner is now to be distributed with your young one, so you also need to focus on your love apart from giving lots of love to your kid or else it may end up into something worse. Remember, he/she’s the only reason your kid is born, don’t be so involved that you forget him/her.

Motherhood Uncensored

Last but not the least, this doesn’t mean that raising a kid and postpartum life is bad or somewhat not good. It’s an excellent thing to watch someone you gave birth to grow and learn things from you, you’re the best teacher for him/her.

The foremost point of this was not to take the life after having a Kid as not picture perfect, or worth sharing. Like Amanda and Chantal, you can also share your moments with your kid on social media and show that reality is also as good as fantasy even better with memories you create with the cute smile of your younger one. Every moment you have with your kid is a memory that lasts a lifetime even if you capture them or not.

Some pictures shared by her that showed the ‘picture perfect’ moments with her kids:

4 Generations of Family.

Motherhood Uncensored 


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