6 Hacks For Local Train Passengers In India!


The Locals are the lifeline of Mumbai. They are the Nerves that carry the bulk of Mumbai’s workforce from the distant suburbs to their workplaces. Extremely grateful to the railways, but there are some complaints, there are some unsaid facts…just like what every relationship has. But here is a foolproof list of train hacks, that is sure to help you’re out!!
So shall we begin?

Here are 6 best Mumbai local train hacks that can help you lot while traveling in Mumbai local trains:

1. Competitive Streak

If you’re in Mumbai, and you wanna catch the local, you can’t be polite and let others board the train just like that. No, no. that’s not how it works in Mumbai. One has to have a competitive streak and has to get into the train no matter what. But then, of course, you have other places to show your polite behaviour.

best Mumbai Local Train hacks


2. Be conscious 

By conscious what I mean is, know the timings, the platform no. and all the other important details..for a simpler train journey. For which, one could possibly download the national railway app or some other useful railway app, rather than relying solely on the announcements. These apps are extremely convenient and make the experience better.

best Mumbai Local Train hacks


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