6 Hacks For Local Train Passengers In India!


5. Be friendly 

One unique thing about Mumbai and it’s locals are the fact that you make train friends.. you may not know them personally, but they may be the ones travelling daily in the same train. This makes travel a lot easier when you’re friendly with people around, you can talk, chill and you wouldn’t even realise how the time flies so swiftly.

best Mumbai Local Train hacks

6. ENJOY!! 

The last and the most important on the list is to enjoy! Don’t travel with the burden of work, college or some other issue. Travel for the scenery, travel for the experience, travel to explore. With that kind of a perspective, one wouldn’t find trains to be cumbersome or even boring for that matter. Board the train with a reason each day. Fulfil it, enjoy… You’ll then love the trains.

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P.S : If trains are late, all the enjoyment will vanish.
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