Naughty Things That Pets Do When You Are Not At Home


Everyone loves pets. Pets are the most adorable creators. Pets keep us entertained for a long time. The cute poster they give. The loyal behavior they have. The possessiveness they show towards his owner. These things make us love them more. Pets are the stress busters and love you a lot. If you have two different pets at home, the your house is filled with more love and mess.

But then, have you ever think about what they did when they left home alone with their gadgets. Well, the outcome is too hilarious and of course messy sometimes. Some pets are caught up doing the dirty things in the home. If you have a pet in your home, you can relate to the below pictures. If you have a hidden spy camera at home, then do check it what your pet was doing when you left her alone at home.

Scroll-down, to see the cutest and humorous pictures of the pets when they are alone at home.

1. This cat and dog duo looks like they’ve been up to no good.


2.She will not care if you are home soon or not. Now, it is here sausages.


3.”Act innocent… He may not know it was me..”


4.When he knows that the couch is not made for him


5. When she can’t wait for you anymore


6.Peek-a-b00…You can’t find me..woo!!


7.Let me check if these shoes are my size or not?

Fox News

8.Oh! this is my mom’s handbag.Let me check what is there in it.


9.Where are you? I have been waiting for you


10. I can wash my own clothes.



Now, that you had seen what can pets do when they left alone. Next time when you are planning to go outside the be careful.Despite their naughtiness we will love them more anyways.


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