New Type Of Mannequin Has Been Created To Show That Beauty Has No Limits.


Beauty has no stereotypes or limits, if you feel you’re beautiful then nobody in this world is allowed to tell you otherwise. But, society still feels that beauty is what they decided ages ago and would want to stay in its bubble. But, does that mean that the others aren’t allowed to feel beautiful? Not anymore, every woman is beautiful and to appreciate these different forms of beauty, Missguided started a campaign to create a new type of mannequin to make women feel beautiful in their own skin.

Missguided has started creating a new type of mannequin that makes every woman comfortable in their own skin!

The Missguided brand has always been coming up with different and unique ideas to make every woman stand out in the crowd. This time they came up with a new idea to create a new type of mannequin that would portray women with different skin tones and different way of the perception of beauty.


These mannequins are based on the daily struggles that women come face to face within their daily lives and they are far from the soulless mannequins that we are so used to seeing in the dress stores.

These unusual mannequins portray different problems like Vitiligo, stretch marks and even freckles. Not only this, but they are even promoting to accept women who choose to wear hijab because it is their choice and others shouldn’t have a say in it.

Anything and everything about a women makes her unique and only acceptance can truly make her believe in herself. Nobody has to have the perfect body size or absolutely spotless white skin in order for them to feel beautiful.


This initiative by the Missguided brand has been appreciated and welcomed by women all over the globe and they are really happy that somebody thought of these traits as beautiful.


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