20 Scandalous New Year’s Eve Party Confessions!


New year’s eve is known for all sorts of scandalous parties and the extreme party confessions. But honestly, more than the party, the after party confessions is what makes these parties totally awesome!

These are probably the most scandalous new year’s eve party confessions you will ever here!

1. Well, this is exactly what happens when you fall in love with someone and then they leave you!

scandalous new year's eve party confessions

2. This is exactly what I hate about new year eves. But now, looks like you’ll have to deal with it!

3. Oh My God! That is really really the worst thing she could have done.

4. This is what happens when your mom knows how to socialize and apparently you don’t. (Well, I’m basically you!)5. These exes definitely know how to ruin things for us, and honestly, you could definitely let him rot n hell and have a party of your own!6. Whoa Whoa! That is definitely too  much alcohol in one night!7. New years’ does that to you, definitely.8. Okay, that is definitely a scandalous thing to do!9. Because honestly, nobody really cares about what the rest are doing because everybody is having way too much fun!10. Well, if he can ditch you for somebody else that too on a new year’s eve, then I’d say you definitely did the right thing!11. And, I pray he found out about it because he deserved this.12. I think passing out is definitely way more acceptable than having to endure a migraine.13. Well, not everything turns out to be the way you want it to!14. Somethings don’t ever tend to go away, no matter how much time has passed.
15. Well, it’s not really bad if somebody thinks that you are superman you know!16. Whoa! That is definitely way too interesting!17. Whoa! That is definitely a lot of mixed emotions going on there!18. Okay, first things’ first, if you already know that you were wrong, then you shouldn’t be feeling horrible about it anymore.19. Whoa! That is definitely spooky as hell!20. Oops! new year's eve party confessions


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