This Artist Recreates His Nightmares In Photos From His Sleep Paralysis And It’s Really Terrifying!


It was then when one of his high school teachers suggested that he should try and jot down his visions (nightmares) on a piece of paper, as it also would be a form of a therapy for him to get over the fear and terror these dreams cause him.

Nicolas Bruno recreates nightmares from his sleep paralysis


Since then, he has been able to cope with these night terrors and turning it into inspiration for his work. He explores his dreams now to transform them into astonishing pieces of photography.

Nicolas Bruno recreates nightmares from his sleep paralysisvia

He says that photography has proven to be his all time therapist and recreating his dreams proves to lessen his anxiety and turn into a positive product and express his visions to the world.

Nicolas Bruno recreates his nightmares from sleep paralysisvia


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