As The Note Ban Effects Start Showing Up, This Ola Cab Driver Stood Up For Support! 


On a massive mission of the destruction of black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has played a master stroke! The date, 08 Nov 2016, how can one even forget it? It was an electrifying move by the Government which cut the ground under the corrupt people’s feet! Remaining true to his words, Mr. Modi has yet again proved his worth… This note ban showed tremendous effects, including negative ones. You wouldn’t believe how this ola cab driver helped in such crisis.

Olacabs help on Note Ban


Having said all that, this bold move has taken its toll on the common people too. Well, not in a huge way, but yeah… people are having trouble with the cash transactions with such short notice and ATMs being closed. To some extent, it has created chaos all over the nation( I would like to say, the same is true in the Global market as well).

Olacabs help on Note Banvia

In this frenzy scenario, there is one incident which will steal your heart! This one answer from an Ola cab driver can leave you dumbfounded! There are many people who are denying to even touch the 500 and 1000 rupee notes today. Even in the petrol bunks where they are supposed to accept the notes until November 11, are denying to do so at some places. In such a mess, this great support shown by this Ola Cab Driver will definitely boost your morale!

Ola cab help on Note Banvia

There is this guy, Viplav Arora, who has shared us his experience with the Ola Cab Driver amidst this hue and cry over the note ban! Viplav had no idea about the news and was travelling. When he reached the Railway station, he booked an Ola Cab and had only Rs.500 notes in his wallet! When he reached his destination, he got to know about the Note Ban imposed and tried to pay the driver with the Ola Money.

Unfortunately, he found out that his ride was taking a little more charge than the amount of Ola money he had. And needless to say, not another person was ready to exchange his Rs.500 notes to help. This was the time when the Ola Cab Driver surprised Viplav by his answer!

Olacabs help on Note Banvia

Well, if this is the response of Every Indian, then sure the black money will be unearthed and sure as hell, this strategic move will be successful!



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