Nothing Can Beat Mom’s Sense Of Humor And Here’s Proof.


Mom’s sense of humor is the best, don’t even try to argue with me there. I mean she is definitely the sweetest and savage thing on Earth to have ever existed. You may not understand the level of humor she’s on, but she thinks she’s hilarious and so should you!

These pictures reveal that mom’s sense of humor actually rocks on a different level and you can never escape it!

1. Mom’s can be a little extra so you’ve got me prepared for more than what you ask for, if you ask her for face masks, she’s probably gonna get you all the things that come along with it.

2. So, apparently, she tried to give her nephew a fading haircut but landed up with this horrific result. She hasn’t stopped howling for 24 hours now!

3. That is what my mom would’ve told me if I would ever have the courage to get a tattoo without her permission.

4. Moms teach you about the reality of life from even when you can barely understand anything about it. Well, this is definitely some good advice there, Ma.

5. That’s your thing, after all, this mom went all the way and back to take care of her daughter’s plant. Looks like she’s hinting at something perhaps.

6. Uh-Oh, here comes the laughter train, I thought my mom was the only one who couldn’t really stop once she started laughing!

7. Moms do have this certain superpower of sensing that something she doesn’t like is happening, okay, what is your secret, mother?
mom's sense of humor
8. By this time you should definitely become accustomed to this, taking the trash out, doing the dishes, making the bed, is by default your job.
mom's sense of humor
9. I don’t know whether that is just plain genius or cruel, Brussels dressed up as cake pops? Seriously mother?
mom's sense of humor
10. The struggle is real folks, but hey, don’t try to make fun of her if she doesn’t know how to type as fast as you, she’s only learning.
mom's sense of humor
11. Moms hate pets, at least mine does so I can totally relate to this one!
mom's sense of humor
12. So, this mom decided to get a pink sweater for her dog, because he was very secure about his masculinity, whatever that means!
mom's sense of humor
13. When your mom secretly knows everything that you’re capable of and so she doesn’t freak out when the truth comes out.
mom's sense of humor

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