An Open Letter To All Those On The Verge Of Giving Up Out Of Depression


To the one captured,

So, you’re not feeling okay. She doesn’t let you sleep or eat or even pass a smile. But did you question her why?

You claim, she’d cover you up with the help of her friends. Anxiety, Sadness, Overthinking and Isolation, to name some.

I see you pull your hair at times and wonder what could be worth living for? Life seems too depressing to be given a second thought.

Of course, you are right. Your life isn’t easy. I understand that. You have responsibilities and problems. Problems you feel embarrassed or scared to unveil. Why wouldn’t you? You don’t have anyone who’d listen but not judge. Who’d be patient but not laugh?

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You must have tried talking to someone, haven’t you? And what did they answer?

Look at others, they have more problems than you and yet they’re fighting for it

Sad, it wasn’t enough to convince you. Seeing others in problems so grave wasn’t a solution to yours. So what does she suggest?

She suggests you curse yourself, for being yourself. She asks you to undermine yourself. “Be rude to others, there’s no light possible and no one really cares,” that’s what she suggests.

Why would you bother about others when they don’t?” She convinces you.

Who is there to listen to you?” She makes you believe.

Why not explore the other side? There might be light” She suggests with a content filled grin.

So sorry a sight, to see you sitting, looking for ways to free your soul from its home called life.

But did you know, that’s where you begin? Tell me a word, what worse could she do?

You say, death.

You say living further could give you pain. So who said killing was painless?

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I asked her why. Why would she rule me and suggest me things so sad?

Because you’d let me,was her reply.

Yes, that’s where you begin. Put your foot down, hold your soul back.

You need someone to listen to you but not judge? Go to the angel in disguised as a mother. Can’t share with her? What is your sister for? Still no way? There’s always a paper who listens.

Speak to your diary, he’s very patient.

Where do you find your smile? Remember she once said, don’t bother about others because they don’t about you?

That’s where smile resides. Care for others’ worries but not their sorries.

Oh, so did they bully you? May you thank them, I request you.

Thank them for making you realise, you’ve still got flaws to work on. And that’s where your purpose to live lies.

What makes a better reason to live than you, yourself? You yourself are the purpose to live. Make yourself better to make the world better. Make yourself better, to be a friend more worth. Make yourself better, to make a proud mother.

I see that’s still not enough. For your problems are too complicated. But did you know your brain could do a lot? If you find yourself too incapable, you can always seek help.

If a problem arises, so does a solution. For they’re the two detachable friends. If problem lies in you, solution resides in a friend. Never be ashamed of taking help. That doesn’t make you small, it makes you live a smile.

So, let us now ask her together.

Dear sweet depression, would you not help me grow? For that’s what you’ve made for. For we understand light, only when we see the dark.

For we understand happiness, only when we see depression.

Do not give up before you see our second lady. She’s lovely!



From the one who lived.


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