Overprotective Partners Should Stop Doing These Things In A Relationship


We all pass through a period in our relationship when we face several ups and downs in life with our partners. Overprotective-ness is something many brushes aside as being overtly ‘loving’ and ‘caring’. But more often than not, the overprotective partners don’t realize the problems they are creating in their relationship. Someone who is in love with an overprotective spouse generally feels suffocated and caged – and sooner or later they would look out to break free. The situation can even arrive after marriage or before when you are in courtship with your loved one. Most of the people these days are broad-minded and handle all types of bondings casually, while on the other hand, many people keep their partners as secret, for the mere purpose of protecting them from any one’s evil eyes.

Are you an overprotective partner? Check out these most common mistakes that an overprotective partner makes to know for sure that you aren’t!


They always doubt you 

An overbearing partner never wants you to engage with anyone they don’t know and they doubt your faithfulness if you do.

Don’t interact with each other’s friends

This is the biggest mistake they create in a relationship as interacting with friends can make your bond strong.

They blame you 

Their protective nature always takes a toll on their rational thinking, and they end up blaming you for all kinds of mis-happenings 

They worry too much

Over musing a situation often leads to seeds of doubt.

They overreact without understanding the situation 

Most of the couples are unhappy because they jump to conclusions without thinking.

They are not free or open up with others

An overprotective partner expects the same overprotectiv-ness in return because of which they don’t have many people in their friend circle.

Over caring

Caring about your partner is good but over-caring can lead to irritation.

More sexual attachment 

Overprotective partners depend a lot upon physical intimacy to stake their claim on their partner.

Taking more responsibilities of partners

This is often good, till one doesn’t cross the limit. 

They make you feel bound

Overprotective partners are also emotional blackmailers – they will guilt-trip you Into loving them back or staying with them, even when you don’t want to.


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