Palmistry – What Your Hand Tells About You? Know Which Kind Are You…


Palmistry has played a role in our lives from times immemorial! Especially in the regions of Asia and Africa. The more we learn about it, the more we want to know about it, regardless of whether it is true or not! It can be said that it is the natural human tendency to seek interest in unknown things that can predict one’s personality or future. And even there is a teeny-tiny bit of similarity, we are all ears! Your hand tells a lot about you!

The mystery that your hands unfold can be known here…Palmistry goes a long way and so deep into the lines and cracks present in your hand! But right now, let us just stick to the size and shape of the hands otherwise it will be too much to chew! What say?

So, Here are some palmistry facts to find out what your hand tells about!

1. Large hands

If you are one of the people having large hands, then I can say that you show a sense of obedience, attention to detail, method, and order. But how to know whether you have large hands, well, you can compare your hands with any other average guy of your size! Right?

palmistry-hand tells about you

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2. Small hands

Small hand tells, you are an energetic person. A person who understands the power and have an authoritative figure.

palmistry - hand tells about you

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3. Medium sized hands

These show well-roundedness. When a medium-sized hand’s fingers are just as long as the palm it represents a person who belongs to be with the people who get on in business. A person who can do many things well but sadly, none exceedingly well!

palmistry - hand tells about you

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