When Paparazzi Takes It’s Job Too Seriously And How Celebrities React.


7.Lindsay Lohan’s Accident.

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in 2005, Lindsay Lohan was followed by a pack of aggressive photographers during a day of shopping and ended up crashing her Mercedes. She and a friend who was also in the car with her escaped with minor injuries.

8.Stalking Halle Berry’s Daughter.

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Stalking celebrities is one thing, hounding their innocent child is very low. In 2012, Halle Berry had a confrontation with paparazzi after they pursued her daughter at school. Inspired by that particularly bad incident, Berry testified before a public safety committee involving California lawmakers who were considering passing limits on paparazzi that hound celebrity children.

9.Nicole Kidman Got Run Over By A Photographer.

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In a case that could have been a serious accident. Nicole Kidman was run over by a member of the paparazzi on a bike while she was taking a walk outside Carlyle Hotel. She pressed charges against the photographer.


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