13 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Are Hilarious AF


7. Who you callin fat



Ouch, that’s got to hurt. An underhanded body slam in the form of a passive-aggressive Post-It. Weren’t we all for that whole body positive, embrace every size and shape thing in 2016? Oh, well. Maybe it’s a kinder, more subtle way to address the obesity epidemic currently plaguing the office. Since the recent proposals for standing desks and fitness Fridays got shot down, at least someone’s taking action. And considering the fact that a pack of Slim-Fasts shakes costs almost $20 a pop, this gesture doesn’t come cheap. Cheers!

By the way, have you ever tried a SlimFast shake? We don’t care how fat you may think you are, no one deserves to endure the disgust of those chalky chemical cocktails…ever.

8. Please No onions



Now this took some skill. Real onion artistry like this deserves mad props. Not everyone can manage to make their passive annoyance be known via vegetable. And with such fine finesse and penmanship! Bravo, dedicated diner, bravo!

We’ve decided that the restaurant that served this loyal patron his lunch should offer some sort of apologetic gesture for their error. After all, what if this customer was deathly allergic to the tart, tangy taste of these sautéed strands of flavor? What if he had DIED from ingesting said onion accouterment? We believe it’s only right that the eatery make amends for their mistake.

Our verdict? Free onion rings for life! Oh, wait…maybe that’s not such a great idea after all. Can’t say we didn’t try!

9. A hairy Situation



This is just disgusting. Here at TheThings, we don’t care how clever you think you are but the sheer fact that you took the time and energy to shape dirty, wet drain hair from who knows what parts of the body into an actual readable sentence is beyond gross. You probably feel quite confident in your smart, snarky comeback, but we highly doubt it is worth the multitude of infectious and incurable diseases that are now coursing through your bloodstream. Congratulations, you’re wit has now won you a shorter lifespan and an odd rash in places we don’t want to know about.

We wonder whose lovely chore it’s going to be to clean up this hairy bathroom situation. After all, whoever wrote the little passive-aggressive note did follow through and clean the drain… 


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