Passport Photos That Are Hiding A Different Story When Viewed In Full.


Let’s face it, passport photos aren’t really your best photos, I mean, nobody knows what’s going on behind the scenes, all we see is a tiny photo mostly consisting of a person’s head against a white background and that’s about it. But, think for a moment, what if these pictures are hiding a lot more than what we’re seeing, what if some of these pictures are holding entirely different stories in their background that we are absolutely unaware of!

Namibian-German artist, Max Siedentopf pokes fun at the traditional passport photos in his new project to show that passport photos could be hiding probably some of the most exciting stories!

1. Why bother wearing the entire thing when only a bare minimum of it is visible?
passport photos

2. It doesn’t matter if you’re a balloon down below, it doesn’t even matter.
passport photos3. Oh my God, I can’t even! What are these Vaccum cleaners doing exactly? Trying to find something?
passport photos
4. Whoa, that is definitely a story that you would have no idea about if you didn’t view the full image. Just see what I’m talking about, passport photos show absolutely show nothing!
passport photos
5. You could be wearing a tissue roll gown underneath and people would have no idea!
passport photos
6. Looks like a simple photograph doesn’t it? Who knew she was brilliant at balancing so many glasses of wine on her arms!

7. She may have killed someone with a broom and you would have no idea about!

8. He looks like a normal average person doesn’t he? What if he’s a sellotape caterpillar underneath?

9. An overcoat hiding bread? That’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!
10. You think, there’s no story behind this one? But maybe you’re absolutely wrong, I’m still wondering how painful the getting off process might have been!


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